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How Do I Use Favorites on the SAP Menu?

Sometimes it takes many clicks to drill down to the transactions you use frequently. What to do?  Use FAVORITES on the SAP menu. Your place to personalize the menu that meets your needs.  FAVORITES are akin to Favorites in an Internet browser or bookmarks in Netscape. They let you organize Transactions, Web Pages, applications or documents within a personalized menu.

Within the FAVORITES function you may:

  • Create folders to organize SAP transactions into a logical filing tree. For instance, if you use HRIS and FIS, perhaps all your regular reports could be located in a folder named: FI and HR Reports
  • Move SAP transactions (menu items) in and out of your list as needed.
  • Rename menu items to phrases that make sense to you.

Note: Favorites is spelled the American way, as this is the way it is displayed in SAP.

Note: Favorites travel with you, wherever you sign into AMS.

Note: There are menu options for the FAVORITES menu that may be employed instead of the RIGHT CLICK references made in the document. Macintosh users, will need to know this information as their super-efficient mouse has one excellent button only.


Starting from the SAP main menu, see the “Favorites” menu and the SAP standard menu. To use Favorites, drag and drop, or copy,  menu options into the folder. Build a menu that’s personalized to your needs.

The first exercise adds a Web page to the menu. So, if there is some Web documentation that you’d like to have readily available when performing a task, you may place its link on the menu.

Right click on the FAVORITES folder.

From this box you may:
  • Add a new folder to the Favorites menu (perhaps one called FIS Reports).
  • Insert a Transaction Code, that is, an SAP menu option.
  • Add other OBJECTS — such as a Web page link, a data file, an application program such as Excel, a directory on your hard disk.
Select the WEB ADDRESS OR FILE option.
The “Add a Web address or file path” dialogue box appears. In it you’ll enter the name of your link — this may be whatever makes sense to you and the url / Web address which you would copy from your browser.
In this example, I reference an HRIS documentation page.
  • Copy the url.

(Tip: Use "Copy & Paste" or "Save Shortcut & Paste".)

  • Return to the SAP dialogue box.
  • Add the Web page description.
  • Paste the url.
  • Press the ENTER / Checkmark key.
See the URL and the description added to the Favorites menu. Click on the item and your browser will open, if it’s not already open, and the page will appear in another Window.
In the second exercise, an FIS report transaction will be added to the Favorites menu.
  • Drill down to the menu item you wish to add to Favorites.
  • Right click on the transaction  item. A menu appears.
  • Select: Add to Favorites.
The transaction is added to the Favorites menu. Note: The transaction code appears because the “Display Technical Names” option was set for the menu. Note too that the menu item from the standard SAP menu has not been removed, it is just copied to the Favorites menu.

Adding Folders to Favorites

Because you may perform many roles in your work, and because your Favorites may contain different types of content, it may be useful to organize the contents in a logical manner. This is accomplished by adding FOLDERS, just as you would in the Macintosh OS or in Windows, to collect transactions and objects of different types. For instance, put all of your report transactions into a folder named “FIS and HRIS Reports” and documentation into a folder for “DIS Documentation.” It’s up to you.


Start by right-clicking on the Favorites folder icon. A menu of Favorites options appears.
A “Create Folder” dialogue box appears.
  • Enter the name of the folder.
See how the new folder appears in the Favorites menu. Drag and drop or insert transactions into the folder as described above. You may add as many folders as you need, and they may be nested to lower levels. Remember, the Favorites are intended to reduce the clicks you need to get to the transactions and links you use to do your job. If you add too much complexity, the function will be less useful.